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The MMR Opinion

  • The importance of using financing tools to gain the perfect property

    In today’s market place, re-sale properties are in low supply and high demand.   We call this a seller’s market.  We often see multiple offers, and over bidding on home offers.   This makes shopping for a home very competitive.   When you are considering making an offer. Know that your financing can help you gain an […]

  • What to do after you own your home

    Buying a house is a fun, exciting experience. What happens next? Home Maintenance and Repairs Experts say that you should budget at least 1% of sales price of your home for upkeep each year. If your home cost $300,000, then plan on spending at least $3000 per year for upkeep. When is the best time […]

  • 10 Questions To Ask Your Realtor

    Most people who are relocating do not have much time to make the key decision of where they will purchase. Wether you are moving across town, or to a entirely new area, when you are searching, please consider asking your realtor the following questions. How far is the nearest Starbucks? If you frequent Starbucks, you’ll want […]