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The MMR Opinion

  • Understanding HOAs and buying homes

      Understanding an HOA Home Owners Associations (HOA) are the governing entity for most suburban communities. They are a both a good thing and can be…. Just a thing to the owner of a property. An association manages and maintains the common/shared areas of a community. They are also in charge of  enforcing any covenants […]

  • Single Story For Sale in Laurel Park, Concord

    •  single story – FOR SALE  USD339,000 . in Laurel Park, Concord Property information

  • Home Purchases, Home finance, and Appraisals

      Have you ever wondered why you must get your home appraised when financing?  It is required to tell the lender several things.  The most important are the value and condition of the property.  So many factors determine if the property is eligible for financing.  Here are the key things possible outcomes you need to […]